Teaching Staff Includes

Sean Etigson, Camp Director: Sean delights in working with young people of all ages. Over the past 20 years, he has led camps and classrooms across the country, infusing his teachings with energy, songs, and stories. Full Circle Summer Camp is Sean’s dream of integrating expressive arts, athletics, and nature in a camp community.

Brendan Kelly
, Medicine Trail: Brendan is a long time herbalist who also practices 5 element acupuncture and herbal medicine at Great Turning Healing Center. His herbal work and teaching involve reconnecting with wild plants for food and medicine.

Kate Wood, Art: A student of Art at Sarah Lawrence College in New York City, Kate brings wonderful energy and innovative ideas to her classes.

Brandon Draper, World Beat: Brandon is an extremely talented percussionist who plays all around the country and teaches in Kansas.

Mandy Hanson
, Drama: Mandy is an imaginative drama director who knows how to get the most out of her students while making the process fun.

Romy Keegan
, African Dance: Romy invites people of all ages into African Dance with her contagious enthusiasm and love for teaching. After working a variety of studios, schools and programs, Romy now runs Maple Street Dance Space.

Kara Blattman
Yoga: Kara is a skilled teacher with extensive training in occupation therapy, Ayurvedic science, and therapeutic Yoga. Her rigorous classes and warm-hearted humor encourage students to make Yoga a part of their lives.

Daniella Matthews-Trigg
, Wildwords: Daniella inspires young writers with her engaging approaches to the craft of writing.

Miguel & Javier Ortega
, Guitar: Classically trained students in the UNM School of Music, the Ortegas perform regionally as a duo and with their band Lost Lingo.

Leah Geer
, Cross Country: A graduate in Kinesiology from NMSU, Leah motivates runners with her humor, knowledge, and experience.

  Sean Etigson      
Kate Wood      
Brandon Draper
Kara Blattman
Daniella Matthews-Trigg
Miguel Ortega