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Stories and Songs from Many Lands

Stories and songs are at the heart of humanity. Down through the ages, they have been used to entertain, teach vital life lessons, and build community. Even today, with all of the technology and computer-driven entertainment, young people are eager to hear the sound of the human voice spinning tales and singing songs. This one-man program mixes music and storytelling to pass on the wisdom and humor of different world cultures. Through interactive songs and tales, young people will laugh and learn about the peoples of Africa,
Asia, Europe, and the Americas.



The Heart of a Hero

What makes someone a hero? Join singer and storyteller Sean Etigson for a multicultural journey which outlines the the essential qualities of heroism through stories and songs.

From the courage and the vision of Jackie Robinson to the intelligence and compassion of a young girl from India, come be a part of this interactive program which transports the audience to a timeless place where they can feel what it means to be inside the heart of a hero.






On Music and Storytelling Programs

"Everystory is an adventure with Sean Etigson with music, dancing, and imagination, Sean brings magic to the art of storytelling. Children 4-40 will be wiggling in their seats." -Bound to be Read, Bookstore

On Stories and Song From Many Lands

"Tap Your feet and move to the multicultural grooves of song man Sean Etigson...Sean and the Cottonwood Singers mix learning, rhythm, and music fun and make it all accessible." -Bookworks

"Sean Etigson is one of the best performers I've seen. He is the definition of a fabulous performer. He is entertaining, the parents love him, the kids have a blast! Sean has a wonderful ability to work the audience so that huge crowds or small groups have a great time.  We look forward to his shows year after year." -Cindy Carhart, Summer Reading Program Coordinator, Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library System.